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An address is a postal address for a specific customer. A customer can have up to 2 different types of addresses. If a customer has only one Address, that is what is returned. If a customer has both a Mailing and a Residence address, the Mailing Address becomes the primary.

address Object

Represents a postal address for a customer.


Property Data Type
addressType string (50) Valid values include:
  • Mailing Primary. Also used by merchant POS and AFD.
  • Residence Secondary. PO Box should not be used as a residence address.
addressLine1 string (100)
addressLine2 string (100)
addressLine3 string (100)
addressLine4 string (100)
city string (50)
state string (2) 2-character code for a US state. e.g.: IA
postalCode string (9)
country string (50) Must be US
isActive boolean

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