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Batch Processing Overview

The CorePro API is designed to handle typical web usage patterns. That is, human users clicking on website links and subsequently performing typical human user volumes of CorePro API calls. To enforce this, the throttling mechanism detailed in API Call Limit was introduced to ensure the health of the system as a whole, preventing one program's requests from starving out another program's requests.

However, with any system integration, there are times when mass quantities of data need to be transferred. CorePro supports this need via the following files:

Type Frequency Summary
Account Balance File Generated Once Daily Contains basic account information (including balances) for all accounts in an Open status or all accounts which moved to a Closed status on a given day
Bulk Transfer Process Periodically Multiple Times Each Day Process large numbers of /transfer/create API calls
Customer File Generated Once Daily Contains basic customer information for all customers in a Verified status or all customers which moved to an Archived status on a given day.
Event Notification File Periodically Multiple Times Each Day Contains all notable events that have occurred since the previous event notification file
Posted Transaction File Generated Once Daily Contains all transactions that posted on a given day
ACH Transaction File Generated Once Daily Contains all ACH transactions that posted on a given day
Recurring Contribution Process Generated Once Daily Generates a Bulk Transfer Initiate File which contains all accounts which should have a recurring contribution occur on the following day
Admin Activity Files Periodically Multiple Times Each Day Contains Admin Portal Activity impacting customers related to your program

All files created or consumed by CorePro are fixed-length in nature.

Format Disclaimer
Q2 Open reserves the right to append new field(s) to the end of any Header or Content line without notice. This is to allow new data points to be added as needed in a timely fashion.

Implementation Note
Your code should be written such that unexpected characters after the "last" field but prior to the end of each line should be ignored. That is, if the file is documented as being 872 bytes per line, receiving a file with 984 bytes per line should not disrupt your processing. This applies to both Header and Content lines.

File Name Disclaimer
The date in file name should be used as a guideline for human eyes only. Any date-related programmatic dependencies should rely on the FileCreatedDate or FileEffectiveDate contained within the header line of each file, as these will be precise to the second and will be in the appropriate timezone.

Also, if your organization has the need to perform a large volume of requests to any other routes in the CorePro API, or access to other data points within CorePro, please contact us to discuss.

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