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Realtime Events

What are Realtime Events?

Realtime Eventing is an add-on technology that enables application developers to empower a more fluid experience for Customers by providing messaging about financial activities as they occur. Realtime Notification is contrasted with Standard Notification via event messaging that occurs on a once per 24 hour basis.

Possible scenarios where Realtime Notification would be incorporated in a larger notification solution might include activities such as

  • Informing a Customer that their identity request change has processed
  • Informing a Customer that one of their Accounts received funds via a push notification or SMS
  • A monitoring solution in Realtime of transactional activities of Customers in a geographic region for a given demographic slice

Architectural Considerations

Realtime Notification solution architecture design brings forward a number of unique challenges, many of which are simply out of scope for this document. A simple example of a fairly long topic that we will not be covering is what to do with messaging when the communication channels fail over the technical supply chain beyond the Realtime Notification API. Instead, this document will concern itself with the usage and a very simple example of receiving messages from the API. Before continuing, we expect a certain amount of technical baseline:

  • JSON
  • Experience with working with the CorePro API, specifically aspects of the existing Event Notification process
  • Experience with push, SMS notification or related technologies
  • Experience with working with Client Notification queues (proprietary or RabbitMQ, Biztalk, etc.)
  • Passing familiarity with AMQP 1.0f and its implementation details in your environment

What events may my application subscribe to?

You may elect to subscribe to any event available in the system.

Self Assessment

Test your knowledge of these concepts.

1. What protocol does realtime use?

2. What should my application NOT do with realtime events?

3. What is NOT a system of record?

4. My application needs the analytics from my Customer transactional activity. How should I get that information?

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