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CorePro is continually enhanced and improved. Please check here periodically for any changes.

Next Maintenance Window:

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2018-03-25 : Maintenance Release

  • Added notes to all routes ending with /get, /getByTag, and /getByEmail which now returns 400 (Bad Request) when an invalid identifier (id, tag, or emailAddress) is provided. Previous behavior was returning a 200 (OK) with a null or missing data property.
  • Added notes to all routes that return card objects which now return with the corresponding accounts array properly filled. Previous behavior would return an empty array. Routes include: /customer/get, /customer/getByTag, /customer/getByEmail, /card/get, and /card/list/.
  • Added a note to the lastModifiedDate property now updates when a card is locked or unlocked.
  • Added a note to cardNumberMasked which states that prior to a card being verified, the cardNumberMasked property will now return as all astricks (*) instead of null.
  • Added a note to card object which states if a card is currently in PendingVerification or ReissuePendingVerification status when reissuing a card in the sandbox, the new status displays as ReissuePendingVerification. Otherwise, the new status displays as Verified.

2017-08-20 : Maintenance Release

  • Added this public key for encrypting certain values in the API (for example, card PIN)
  • Added new property publicKeyAlgorithms to the program object. Contains language-specific details of public key encryption used for PIN-related items.
  • Added encryption details to the newPin propery of the card object.
  • Fixed formatting issue that occurred in some date properties which did not respect the exact formatting detailed in the documentation. Specifically: fractional seconds were sometimes not present, sometimes out to 7 digits. Should always be 3 digits for maximum cross-language compatibility.
  • Updated dependent dlls to latest version for security reasons
  • Added the masterId property to the transaction object for associating related transactions
  • Fixed definition of accountNumber on the externalaccount object to match NACHA standards (changed length from 15 to 17)

2017-05-25 : Maintenance Release

  • Deprecated /card/lostOrStolen. Please use the replacement /card/hotlist
  • Changed card.lockTypeCode ADM value to SYS to better describe reality of the type of lock placed on a card.
  • Added verbiage for FRD value for card.lockReasonTypeCode on the /card/unlock route
  • Added /card/reissue route

2017-03-08 : Maintenance Release

  • Added new typeCode values to transaction object specific to Debit Card
  • Added eventTypeId values to event notification section specific to Debit Card
  • Added description property to transfer object
  • Deprecated nachaDescription property from transfer and transaction objects
  • Added debit card information to FAQ
  • Admin Console expanded to include more debit card functionality

2017-01-03 : Introducing Debit Cards

2016-08-01 : Introducing Joint Accounts

  • Added accountAccess object definition
  • Added accessTypeCode and related properties to account object
  • Added /account/listAccess route for listing access types for all customers on an existing account
  • Added /account/editAccess route for editing a customer's access type on an existing account
  • Added Recipes section to documentation
  • Clarified identity verification workflows for creating a customer object

2016-06-19 : Tag Performance, More Masks

2016-05-30 : Recon, GL Improvements

  • Normalized GL account tracking / recon functionality across all programs
  • Significant performance improvements to bulk transfer request file processing
  • Added bank configuration option to specify the cutoff time for transactions to include in a given day's NACHA export file

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