Breakout Experiment (Desktop only|Restart)

How it works



The concept here is that every time the player wins, we may the game Customer $1.00. The funds originate from what we term a "Program Reserve" account. The "Program Reserve" account is a business account held by a FinTech company that allows funds movement to or from Customers. In the example here, we are providing a loyalty reward of $1.00 for successfully beating the game.

What are "Lifetime Dollars Earned"?

Since we don't differentiate for players of this game, this is how much ALL people who have ever played this game have won. Note that this means you may see your score jump by more than one dollar. If so, then that means a fellow player also won!

Is this transfering money over the API?

Yes. It's making use of a thin shim layer provided to the documentation site. Here's the c# code:

            var jsonResult = new JsonResult();
                var conn = new CorePro.SDK.Connection("example1", "example1");
                conn.ApiKey = "example1";
                conn.ApiSecret = "example1";
                conn.DomainName = "";

                var customerId = ##CustomerId##;
                var accountId = ##AccountId##;
                var programReserveAccountId = ##AccountId##;
                var transfer = await CorePro.SDK.Transfer.CreateAsync(cancellationToken, customerId, 
                        programReserveAccountId, accountId, 1.00M, null, "Breakout Game - Docs Site", conn);
                var transaction = transfer.First();
                var r = await CorePro.SDK.Account.GetAsync(cancellationToken, customerId, accountId, conn, null);
                jsonResult.Data = r;
                jsonResult.JsonRequestBehavior = JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet;
                return jsonResult;

            }catch(CorePro.SDK.CoreProApiException ca)
                jsonResult.Data = ca;
                jsonResult.JsonRequestBehavior = JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet;
                return jsonResult;


The Game

The core game makes use of the HTML5 example code provided by Mozilla with minimal modifications.

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