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Design Considerations

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Before designing your notification service(s), be sure to take into account all related regulatory requirements and any rules that your partner bank may have in effect. For example, are you familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act? A full analysis is beyond the scope of this article. Please refer to your Q2 Expert and your banking partner for additional assistance.

Gaps in Time

Any realtime notification system needs to contend with or be aware of a concept that, in this segment, we will refer to as "Gaps in Time". These are situations where an event occurs for a moment in the lifecycle of your Customer, but that for a variety of reasons the notification does not see final delivery to the Customer for some length of time after the moment. Let's use an example.

Bob's Card Purchase

Bob buys a coffee using his debit card. This triggers a toast notification to be raised across the push notification network. A delay occurs at some point between the Customer and the Push notification registered with the device, most likely the carrier. Bob is informed he purchased the coffee at 1:00 AM at night, when the purchase took place at 1:00 PM in the afternoon. In one purchase of coffee, the notification never arrived.

Are events received over realtime gauranteed to be unique?

For a variety of reasons, the answer is no. For example, what if a service subscribed to the bus plucking off the message fails to .Complete() the event correctly and then, for a technical reason, the message does not move to the deadletter queue?

Is there a mechanism to reconcile what events I do or do not receive?

Yes, by importing the Event Notification file.

Who actually sends what?

What Who From To
Originating event CorePro Platform CorePro API Service Bus
Email to Customer FinTech (You) FinTech (You) Customer
Toast Notification to Customer FinTech (You) FinTech (You) Customer
Event Notification File CorePro Platform CorePro FinTech (You)

Do you have example content of what I should send Customers?

Yes! Contact us and we'll ensure we provide the relative examples.

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