API Documentation

Event Types

1Authenticate - Successful
2Authenticate - Failed
1001Created New Bank Holiday
1002Modified Bank Holiday
1003Removed Bank Holiday
1004Modified Bank Information
2001Modified Program Information
2002Modified Program Settings - Deposit
2003Modified Program Settings - Interest
2004Modified Program Settings - Regulator
2005Modified Program Settings - Withdrawal
3001Modified Customer Details
3002Added Note Customer
3003Added Note Customer Verification
3004Manually Approved Customer Verification
3005Manually Denied Customer Verification
3006Locked Customer Account
3007Unlocked Customer Account
3008Locked External Account
3009Unlocked External Account
3010Created External Account
3011Modified External Account
3012Verified External Account
3013Resend Verify External Account
3014Voided Account Transaction
3015Voided External Account Transaction
3016Reversed Account Transaction
3017Reversed External Account Transaction
3018Added Fee or Credit to Customer Account
3019Modified Recurring Contribution
3020Modified Customer Information
3021Modified Customer Beneficiary Information
3022Modified Customer Contact Information
3023Modified Customer Residential Address
3024Modified Customer Mailing Address
3025Modified Customer CorePro Information
3026Closed Customer Account
3027Modified Customer Account Number
3028Petty Cash - Check Issued
3029Petty Cash - Check Issuance Cancelled
3050Customer Name Change - Approved
3051Customer Name Change - Denied
3052Customer Address Change - Approved
3053Customer Address Change - Denied
3054Auto Approved Customer Verification
3055Auto Denied Customer Verification
3056Auto Expired Customer Verification - Initiated
3057Auto Expired Customer Verification - Manual Review
3058Funding Source Verified
3059Created Customer Account
3060Created Account Transaction
3061Modified Customer Account Information
3062Monthly Statement Available
3063Customer Closed
3064Recurring Contribution Initiated
3065Customer Identity Screening
3066eCode Purchase
3067External Account - Awaiting Verification
3068Customer Verification - Application Abandon
3069Customer External Account Archived
3070Target Amount Has Been Met
3101Transaction Settled
3102Transaction Funds Available
3501Tax 1099-INT Available

Production only event

4001Modified Client Information
5001Unknown Event Logon User
5002Modified Admin Logon User
5003Deleted Admin Logon User
5004Locked Admin Logon User
5005Requested Password Reset on Logon User
5006Password Reset on Logon User
5007Archived Admin Logon User
6001Sent NACHA File to Shazam
7001R07 - Initiated
7002R07 - Completed
7003R10 - Initiated
7004R10 - Completed
7005R08 - Initiated
7006R08 - Completed
10001Debit Card Initiated
10002Debit Card Pending
10003Debit Card PendingVerification
10004Debit Card Verified
10005Debit Card Denied
10006Debit Card Expired
10007Debit Card Archived
10009Debit Card Locked By Customer
10010Debit Card Unlocked By Customer
10011Debit Card Locked By Admin
10012Debit Card Unlocked By Admin
10013Debit Card Added Account
10014Debit Card Removed Account
10015Debit Card Lost Or Stolen
10016Debit Card Reset Requested
10017Debit Card Authorization Hold
10018Debit Card Reissued With Existing PAN
10019Debit Card Reissued With New PAN
3001001Admin - Accepted Customer Document
3001002Admin - Rejected Customer Document
3060000Generic Transaction Unknown
3060005Transaction Bank Income to Internal
3060010Transaction Cash to Internal
3060015Transaction Cash to Program Reserve
3060025Transaction Cash to Return Clearing
3060030Transaction Cash to Verification Fund
3060035Transaction External to Internal
3060040Transaction General Journal Deposit
3060045Transaction General Journal Withdrawal
3060050Transaction Interest Adjustment
3060055Transaction Internal to Cash
3060060Transaction Internal to External
3060065Transaction Internal to Interest Expense
3060070Transaction Internal to Internal
3060075Transaction Internal to Miscellaneous
3060080Transaction Internal to Program Clearing
3060085Transaction Internal to Program Reserve
3060090Transaction Internal to Retail Clearing
3060095Transaction Internal to Unknown External
3060100Transaction Miscellaneous to Internal
3060105Transaction Program Account to Unknown External
3060110Transaction Program Clearing to Program External
3060115Transaction Program External to Internal
3060120Transaction Program Reserve to Cash
3060125Transaction Program Reserve to Internal
3060130Transaction Program Reserve to Verification Fund
3060135Transaction Retail Clearing to Internal
3060140Transaction Retail Clearing to Retail External
3060145Transaction Return Clearing to Internal
3060150Transaction Return Deposit
3060155Transaction Return Withdraw
3060165Transaction Unknown External to Internal
3060170Transaction Unknown External to Program Account
3060175Transaction Verification Fund to External
3060240Card Authorization - Purchase
3060242Card Authorization - Cash Withdrawal – Future use
3060244Card Authorization - Debit Adjustment – Future use
3060246Card Authorization - Billpay – Future use
3060248Card Authorization - Funds Transfer Debit – Future use
3060250Card Authorization - Merchandise Return – Future use
3060252Card Authorization - Deposit – Future use
3060254Card Authorization - Credit Adjustment – Future use
3060256Card Authorization - Point Of Business Deposit – Future use
3060258Card Authorization - Funds Transfer Credit – Future use
3060260Card Authorization - Transfer Funds – Future use
3060262Card Authorization - AFD – (AFD = Automated Fuel Dispenser) – Authorization happens when fuel transaction initiated
3060341Card Transaction - Purchase – POS transaction as Debit – Typically if PIN or Chip were used
3060343Card Transaction - Cash Withdrawal - ATM Cash Withdrawal
3060345Card Transaction - Debit Adjustment - When card network provider manually Debits funds - Typically rare
3060347Card Transaction - Billpay - Debit transaction for Billpay
3060349Card Transaction - Funds Transfer Debit - P2P withdrawal
3060351Card Transaction - Merchandise Return - Return of goods or services, Credit applied
3060353Card Transaction - Deposit
3060355Card Transaction - Credit Adjustment - When card network provider manually Credits funds - Typically rare
3060357Card Transaction - Point Of Business Deposit
3060359Card Transaction - Funds Transfer Credit - P2P Deposit
3060361Card Transaction - Transfer Funds - Transfer between accounts tied to same card
3060363Card Transaction - AFD - (AFD = Automated Fuel Dispenser) - When fuel transaction complete
3060471Card Reversal - Purchase - Error occurred on merchant device (ie, POS) and reverses a corresponding purchase
3060473Card Reversal - Cash - Error occurred with ATM and corresponding transaction is reversed
3060475Card Reversal - Debit Adjustment
3060477Card Reversal - Billpay
3060479Card Reversal - Funds Transfer Debit
3060481Card Reversal - Merchandise Return
3060483Card Reversal - Deposit
3060485Card Reversal - Credit Adjustment
3060487Card Reversal - Point of Business
3060489Card Reversal - Funds Transfer Credit
3060493Card Reversal - AFD
3060500Check Deposit Authorization
3060501Check Deposit
3060502Check Deposit Reversal

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