IFTTT, Twitter and Funds Movement

Transfer funds for every hashtag mention

In this hypothetical example, we use Twitter, IFTTT, and Google Documents and CorePro API as an extreme "API mashup" to move funds for every hashtag mention.

Why you'd want to do this

The author of this page has no idea. It's a fun tinkertoy showing what's possible! Please note, the precise code is not provided here. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about this mashup!

Step 1 You'll need a Twitter, IFTTT and Google account.
Step 2 Setup IFTTT to look for a specific hashtag, and record that to a Google spreadsheet.
Step 3 Have application code lookup values in the google spreadsheet to see who is eligible for making a transaction
Step 4 Call Transfer/Create to move funds on behalf of Customer

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